What Happen on 31st Aug 2019?

From Hong Kong Police are condoning Pro-China people or Mafia to make violent attacks on democratic people...

To Hong Kong Police launching terrorist attacks on the democratic people...


 Hong Kong Police Elite Team STC terrorist attack at Prince Edward MTR station

831 Synopsis 

Prince Edward MTR Station Terrorist attack, or 831 incident / 831 slasher incident, refers to an incident in which Hong Kong Police indiscriminately attacked passengers in Prince Edward MTR station. At first, Anti protest passengers provoke and attack protestors and citizens, which leads to the protestors' dissatisfaction. They quarrel and fight with each other. Then, the Anti-riot Squad and Special Tactical Contingent rush into the carriage and platform of Prince Edward station indiscriminately attacked passengers with weapons such as sharp items, batons, gun and pepper spray, etc.  Police denied they enter the station, beating people, reaffirmed they use appropriate force to subdue protestors. In this incident, Police were criticized for indiscriminately attacked passengers by the public opinions. Many Hongkongers regarded it as another attack, such as the 2019 Yuen Long attack; However, In that night, not only the Mafia but the Police did. And the public views believe that the HKSAR is entering the "Police Status". The Hong Kong Police use their authority as terrorists, yet HKSAR allows the pro-China people to harm those who disagree. That night, It is a turning point of the entire movement: From Hong Kong Police are condoning pro-China people to do violent attacks, To Hong Kong Police launching terrorist attacks to the democratic opinion.  

Public opinion believed Police beat several people to death at the MTR station, not even in the scene but the entire social movement in 2019. The FactWire News Agency interviewed six people who claimed to be related to this accident, published on 30 November 2019. However, law enforcement agencies and MTR Corporation Limited didn't respond to public demand to release more information about this incident. Therefore there is no conclusion on whether anyone died in the station.  After the incident, the platform and carriage were such a mess. Many peoples are battered severely. The injured person included children and disabled people. In the carriage, the beaten couple fell on the ground but still sprayed with pepper spray by the Police in a short distance. 

Course of incident
Quarrel and fight between passengers and protestors
At 10:45 pm, A train in a carriage of Kwun-Tong line to Tiu-Keng-Leng MTR station on platform No. 3, some Pro-China passengers who disliked protestors quarrel with a protestor. The "Anti-protest" passengers attacked reporters and the protestor, so the "Anti-protest" passengers tried to kick the protestors out of the train. Protestors and those "Anti-protest" passengers quarreled and threw water bottles and umbrellas between the platform and the carriage. One middle-aged "Anti-protest" passenger takes out and waves a sledgehammer to the democratic protesters. They have no choice but to fight back by taking a fire extinguisher from the train's carriage, making the train's carriage full of white smoke to ask everyone to leave. During the fight, a woman uses mobile to record the appearance of protestors.
The police rush to the platform and carriage, beating passengers.
Someone called the 999 Police emergency hotline. Around 11 pm, about a hundred Anti-Riot Squad and Special Tactical Contingent rush to platform No. 4, Tsuen-Wan Line to Central MTR station, and the carriage indiscriminately attacked passengers or suspected protestors. The Police keep on using pepper spray and arrest those people. 
Some passengers described it as a dreadful incident and claimed they did not have any aggressive behavior or attack, but the Police still battered them with batons. The platform is in chaos. They frequently heard some screaming and someone shout at the Police not to attack passengers. Some passengers hug and cry after being shot by the Police with pepper spray.

Anti-riot Squad evict passengers in Yau-Ma-Tei MTR Station and refused to rescue the injured.
The train went to Yau-Ma-Tei MTR station. Many injured get off in this station. The carriage is in chaos, with plenty of bloody tissues, gauze, and diapers. Anti-riot Squad went down to the platform to evict passengers. The Yau-Ma-Tei MTR station was closed afterward, and the Hong Kong Police evicted the reporters and first-aiders. Some first-aiders show the flag wrote, "Hindrance to rescue is against International Humanitarian Law." at the station's gate, sobbed and begged for entering the MTR station to rescue the injured, but the Police refused. At 11:43 pm, the Anti-Riot Squad ordered three first-aiders to face the wall in the MTR station. 
They were not allowed to enter the MTR station to rescue the injured. Some first-aiders were arrested even they identify themselves. After the attack, the Police in Prince Edward MTR Station request reporters and first-aiders to leave immediately, reaffirmed they have to lock down the crime scene. 


Ambulance and Fire Service Department, mobile command unit, arrived at Prince Edward MTR station, starting triage system usually set up because of plenty injured case. Still, they can't enter the station to rescue for a long while. The ambulance man requested to enter the MTR station to rescue, but the Police claimed no one was injured at least two times and refused to let them in. The Police evaluated and sent the injured with a special train to another MTR station, transfer them to an ambulance afterward, which took 2.5 hours to send the injured to the hospital.

That night till 3 am of the next day, a massive crowd of people surrounded Mong-Kok Police Station since they were dissatisfied with the station's Police indiscriminately attacked passengers. Many cars whistle to show their anger. 
Arrested and injured
The Police arrested 69 people in this incident, aged between 13 to 36 years old, suspected of riots, unlawful assembly, criminal damage, and common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, robbery, resist or deliberately obstruct the Police in executing their lawful duties. Police arrested a 13 years old boy because of the possession of a petrol bomb. Sixty of them were pending further investigation after refusing to be bailed. Only released one on bail. Unfortunately, Police didn't arrest the pro-china people who were using violence at the scene yet. Not Even mention the investigation of the Police abusing the force.
As of 2nd September Morning, the Hospital Authority stated that They received 46 people to the hospital on that night. Nineteen people remain in hospital, 5 of them were in serious condition, and 14 were stable. According to the RTHK's “Hong Kong connection” TV program, at least ten injured were sent to the hospital at the scene. Three of them claimed was injured in a fight.